Heirloom Fruit

Most of the apples and pears that we grow are considered heirloom, or antique, fruit. These varieties have existed for hundreds of years and have a distinctive look and flavor not found in the fruit generally available in stores. Most heirloom fruit are not bred for durability and appearance, but are bred for flavor. You will not find many of our apples in a store because they have more fragile skin and flesh and thus cannot be stored for long periods. Heirloom apples are best when picked ripe and used fresh, rather than being picked before they are fully ripe, shipped, and held in storage.

Our customers are able to appreciate the subtle and distinctive taste heirloom apples offer. Great-tasting apples have a balance of sweetness and tartness and a distinct aroma. We offer you - pick fruit as well as pre-picked fruit. This allows you to have the freshest, best ripened fruit possible.