The Orchard

Norman’s Orchard began production in 1958. The orchard was founded by Robert K. and Sara Norman, who purchased the farm in 1947 with a farm house and a Sweitzer-style log bank barn. The farm was part of a Revolutionary War land grant to John Corman, later owned for many years by the Clark family, and was adjacent to the Norman homestead owned by Squire Thomas Norman, Jr. Crawford Run Road was originally known as Normantown Road, and the village along Crawford Run Creek was known as Normantown. (It is now part of Creighton.)

Most of the orchard lies on a westerly and southern slope, which is ideal for a northern orchard, as it receives warm sun in the winter and the prevailing westerly breezes moderate temperatures all year long.

In the beginning, Norman’s Orchard sold all types of fruit, berries and vegetables from a roadside stand. The orchard also sold Christmas trees and firewood in the wintertime.

Jeff and Leslie Norman are the current owners of the orchard. They assumed operation of the orchard in 2012 after Jeff's father, Robert (Ken), passed away. Jeff grew up on the orchard and enjoys all aspects of orchard management. Jeff spent his work career as a chief executive officer in hospitals and was a partner in a health care consulting firm. Jeff and Leslie add a few varieties of heirloom apples and cherries each year to ensure continued availability of uncommon, high quality fruit.

In the last few decades the importance of heirloom varieties has grown as consumers desire a greater variety of flavor and freshness in their fruit. We consider it a blessing from God to be able to provide our customers with fresh fruit, apples, pears, grapes, cherries and berries.