You can pick your own fruit directly from the tree or bush or vine, or select from pre-picked fruit.

We sell our beautiful and delicious fruit by the pound, peck (chip), half-bushel and bushel.

We offer a 15% discount on a half-bushel and a 25% discount on a bushel of apples or pears. A peck, or chip basket, of apples weighs approximately 10 pounds. A half-bushel is about 21 pounds of apples, while a bushel weighs about 45 pounds. There are about 28 apples in a peck or ¼ bushel.

Pears are denser fruit: a peck weighs approximately 14 pounds, a half-bushel is about 28 pounds and a bushel about 56 pounds.

Our prices are very competitive with stores and other farm markets. We only accept cash.

It is important to remember that apples come in various forms. Some are sweet, others tart. Some have firm flesh and others soft. Therefore, there is no exact recipe for anything involving apples. With that said, use the following to judge your needs:

It takes about 7 or 8 apples to make a pie, more if the apples are small, for a regular pie pan. For a deep dish pie, 10-12 apples are needed. Keep in mind that apples do lose juice, therefore during baking there will be shrinkage; always mound apples up nicely before putting on your top crust.

Approximately 6 large apples yielding 6 cups of fruit are needed to make 4 servings of applesauce. If you combine sweeter and tarter apples, you will need to add little or no sugar – just a touch of cinnamon.

We also grow 6 different varieties of sweet cherries sold by the pound. We are one of the few orchards in western PA that have tart cherries, delicious for pies and preserves. We have eight varieties of blueberries which are also sold by the pound.

Plan on using approximately 4 cups of tart cherries or blueberries to make a regular pie, and about 5 cups for a deep dish pie. To really enjoy the taste of the fruit, we recommend using less sugar than most recipes call for.

For more information on quantities, as well as directions for canning and freezing fruit and many other tidbits, we suggest you visit pickyourown.org.